What some of our clients have to say....

"McGrath RentCorp was at a very important crossroads in its strategic growth planning development. Steven Hoffman proved to be an exceptionally gifted process professional who did a masterful job in enabling our team to put in place a planning structure that has been invaluable towards our investment decision making. We also discovered that Steven’s organizational behavior prowess were skills that we wanted to leverage with our leadership team in various circumstances.

Steven has outstanding presence, remarkable group dynamics awareness and is a strong enabler. He also is someone with impeccable integrity and always tells you the truth. What I didn’t realize during our initial work with Human Synergy over seven years ago, was that McGrath RentCorp was developing what has turned out to be one of its most important and valued business services relationships."

Dennis Kakures, President & CEO
McGrath RentCorp, 2009, (NASDAQ:MGRC)

"Human Synergy exceeded my expectations. They quickly and competently assessed the need, offered a practical and well scoped project to address the need, and delivered an efficient, focused and customized experience that delivered on the promise. The result has been high value.

At the center of our success with Human Synergy is their ability to diagnose and translate our business needs into tangible, ROI targets that generate business results. They employ a unique combination of interactive design, customized content, all in a logical process that engages the team and sets them up for real courageous conversation.

Not only do we have a concrete plan, but also a new language and commitment to ensure follow-through."

Kurt Van Wagenen, President & CEO
Fiber Tower, 2009, (NASDAQ:FTWR)

"Steven provided our organization with the framework and coaching to design and articulate our vision and goals. He created the environment, engaged individuals, provided the methods for communication and overall far exceeded expectations. The result was alignment of our organization and the transformation of our culture. By profoundly insightful dialog, deep questioning, open communication, we now have the tools and the vernacular for excellence.

Steven’s ability to clarify ideas, synthesize information, and mediate dialog is unmatched in my eyes. His talents are extraordinary. In addition, Steven’s methods have been embraced by our organization; we are replicating his approach on many levels, a truly transforming experience."

Paul Gatti, CEO
CompareNetworks, 2009

"Steven has a persistent habit of promising and OVER delivering. He is a true business partner that seeks to understand before taking any actions. His approach resulted in deliverables that met my objectives and expanded my vision, creating value for our organization.

Steven’s confidence, skill and experience enabled him to quickly immerse himself into our fast-paced and dynamic environment and be effective in driving results within it. He is extremely collaborative so he never lost sight of our desired outcome and could represent my vision and intended outcomes with my stakeholders just as well as, if not better than, I could.

He makes all of the right decisions at key project inflection points and strikes the right balance between checking in, and being autonomous so that you can truly get leverage. He has the ability to expand your thinking strategically and drive tactical results.

You get value with Steven and Human Synergy. He delivers on all that he says he will and is in the trenches with you during all of the unexpected “curveballs".

Stacy Parsons, Lead, Cross-Consulting Professional & Leadership Programs
Deloitte Services LP, 2009

"I have worked with Steve for almost 10 years across two different companies in two different industries. At DexCom, Steve assisted in developing a business planning process that links strategy to annual operating plans, which is then linked to the performance management system. As part of this project, Steve assisted team performance improvement with facilitation and skill development support. His rapid and objective assessment of my staff was a great assistance in making changes and providing training required to move the organization forward.

Prior to DexCom, at AFC, Steve helped us develop an end-to-end business planning process that included the design and implementation of the supporting meeting structures necessary to enable the planning process. Steve makes a positive impact, both to the organization and to the people within the organization."

Jorge Valdes, Sr. VP Operations
DexCom, 2009 (NASDAQ:DXCM)

"Steven came to McGrath focused on developing a corporate strategic plan and business planning process. Following this project, he continued working with the senior executives to create an executive development curriculum (bench strength development) that was tightly linked to ensuring the successful execution of the strategic plan. Human Synergy also helped to create and develop division leadership teams, division operating plans, a quarterly business plan review meeting, an enterprise wide executive on-boarding program and a customized 360 feedback tool. Additionally, they helped with the integration of an acquisition and have designed and facilitated board retreats. Most consultants work in two dimensions. They come in, assess, make recommendations, and sometimes help with implementation. Steven ‘rewrites the book’ and sets a new standard because he connects with people intimately to know them and the challenges they face. Combine that with a third dimension of experience, and it’s an unparalleled journey. Everything he does is steeped in excellence and the learning process is a set of experiences that result in quick and effective traction. Speaking for the leadership at McGrath RentCorp, over the course of the past 5 years, Steven has truly been a positive and lasting influence on all that he worked with."

Joe Hanna, COO
McGrath RentCorp, 2009,

"I have worked with Steve Hoffman for over 15 years, at both AT&T and SBC. He is without a doubt the most skilled, competent and insightful leadership consultant with whom I have worked! What I believe separates Steve’s work from others is his long-term approach to providing a leadership development plan for my organization. Steve creates a 12-24 month journey that addresses the group’s needs depending on where they are on the continuum of progress. Particularly impressive has been his ability to help us create a compelling picture of the future for our team. A shared vision which helps us, to this day, remains aligned around a common direction. Finally, his preparation, follow up, and intimate knowledge of my company is extraordinary and creates long lasting credibility. Steve has helped us move far beyond where we would have gotten on our own, especially in the areas of synergistic teaming and collaborative planning.”

Rich Burk, retired
Formerly President, Global Markets, SBC

"We were looking for somebody who could help the organization get things done, somebody with high energy and a "doer" rather than a conventional consultant. He came across as very straight forward, knowledgeable, results-oriented and very high energy. He had experience that was directly applicable to us. He is very enthusiastic and brings a refreshing approach. He is very business oriented, he doesn't dwell on esoteric things, he clearly outlines goals in terms of the business impact and does not lose track of what we are trying to achieve. He is very clear and crisp in communication and will work night and day to complete work by deadlines. I feel that Human Synergy’s support was excellent. I really felt like I had a partner that understood things very quickly and had the knowledge and experience to make crisp recommendations and translate them into action."

Marcel Gani, retired
Formerly CFO and Chief of Staff, Juniper Networks, 2006, (NASDAQ:JNPR)

"Steven was able to very quickly engage our team and get down to the core issues we were facing both in terms of the strategic business issues and how we were working together as a management team. Many of us felt that our meetings with Steven were among the most productive and focused we had ever had together. I would hire him again without hesitation."

Bruce Gilpin,COO
MobiTV, 2007

“We were impressed with Human Synergy’s ability to quickly grasp our environment and norms. I personally view Steven as one of the most important people I've worked with in my 25 year professional career, and I consider him a mentor and coach as I consider new career opportunities. I would argue that he changed the way the organization goes about its business in very profound ways. Steven taught us to fish!”

Dan Peterson, VP Gift Planning
Washington State University Foundation, 2005
now VP Gift Planning, Oregon State University Foundation

“The value proposition for using Human Synergy at TRS is enormous. I saw a recent McKinsey study that showed that clear roles for employees, a compelling vision of change, and an environment that encourages openness, trust, and challenge, were directly correlated to organizational performance. To me, all three of these items are addressed in organizational development and will result in a differentiation in the market place over time. We have continued to utilize Steven on a number of new projects and it comes down to his talent, his integrity, and the commitment and quality work that he gives us every single time. Steven is wise beyond his years. His expertise as a facilitator, his energy level, and his incredible knowledge and experience related to organizational development are clear strengths. The work we have done with Steven has changed my life, both at work and at home. I think our organization has improved both our processes and our culture as a result of working with Steven. In Steven, you not only get a motivational speaker, but you get someone who can improve your business processes and change the way you think about strategy. In the end, I look at how well the concepts/disciplines are being utilized after the "program" is over. Does it have staying power? Does it become part of the fabric of the organization or was it just a "flavor of the month". Steven's work with us has become part of the way we live and do business.”

Phil Hawkins, VP & Division Manager
TRS RenTelco, 2007

“Ericsson has developed one of the world’s largest customer bases in the telecom industry, with customers on all continents and a substantial share of the global telecommunications market. You made us understand that no company can remain a major supplier for generations without strong, well coordinated teams that can make firm commitments to its customers and satisfying their needs. Thank you for helping us change the way we think about the past, our obstacles and business challenges. The quality of professionalism throughout the event was superb. You went beyond the call of duty and really extended yourself to bring us all together. You have made an ever lasting impact on our group. THE ERICSSON TELECOM MANAGEMENT TEAM GIVES YOU THE BEST RECOMMENDATIONS. “

Kikki-Maria Felengaki, Director Marketing Communications
Ericsson, Sweden

"The value we experienced in using Human Synergy was in helping us plan development of our future leaders. We wanted to build a strong bench, because ultimately it was limiting our ability to grow and improve the business. Steven’s support was high quality and insightful and provided a catalyst to improve the situation and craft and an actionable roadmap to make changes."

Keith Pratt, Sr. VP & CFO
McGrath Rentcorp; Formerly CFO, AFC

“The experience of working with Steven is outstanding. The passion for the assignment, the clear values he expresses, the learning and sharing he brings. He puts tremendous effort into the design of his client’s work. Steven is creative, focused, challenging, value-driven, competent and open to other people’s expertise.”

Katarina Onell, Division Manager
Research International, Sweden

“We were looking for a consultant who could quickly understand our culture and was client-focused. We needed help setting strategy and Steven was effective and creative in achieving that goal. With positive energy, Steven was able to shake people up in a good way, moving dialogs along. We are glad we chose Human Synergy as their approaches were more relevant and flexible.”

Tony Jimenez, Leadership Development

“Steve is an effective facilitator who has a knack for engaging all participants even on the difficult issues. He holds participants accountable for making progress and achieving results. Steve is flexible and able to switch gears in order to move a team closer to achieving results. He is intuitive and has the ability to size up an audience by asking probing questions. He does his homework prior to working with a team which ensures success. Steve builds trust and provides a safe environment for open and honest feedback.”

Tanya Bednarski, Manager of Health and Welfare

“I think Steve is bright, has an incredible can-do attitude, the ability to energize and focus a group, and has the best facilitation skills I have ever seen. He is supportive and follows through and has the rare ability to listen and push people when appropriate without making them uncomfortable. He builds immediate trust and maintains that trust with groups and individuals. Steve is working with my non-profit board and he is incredible. I guess that’s another important trait - he is versatile. Steve works well with people regardless of whether it’s a Fortune 100 company or a small non-profit agency.”

Leslie Yuan, Chevron

“I highly recommend Steven Hoffman... I have had the opportunity to work with Steven for more than ten years. Steve is very insightful, has a high energy level, positive approach and his ability to listen, and draws everyone into the process. …Whether working with the Board of Directors, management or general staff, Steve has always received high praise and requests for his return. Steven has had a long-term impact on the individuals involved resulting in improved operations of our organization. I feel fortunate to have benefited from his expertise.”

Debbie Levy, retired
Formerly Executive Director, Life House