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The ReSync Project focuses on building a communications framework that goes beyond just sharing information to developing a platform that drives innovation.

What makes this project unique is how it connects people to the business. ReSync develops a repeatable, high impact, enterprise level, communication forum that efficiently 'resets' and 'refreshes' the annual operating plan. With ReSync, management has a powerful mechanism to confront the brutal facts, recognize blind spots, and face reality so that plans can efficiently adapt to changing market conditions.

ReSync develops a platform of courageous conversation that helps leaders to face reality and maintain focus on:

  • The core business - stripping away non-core work
  • The alignment of the long run and short run plans
  • Teamwork and commitment by giving employees an opportunity to voice new ideas and needs.

Because ReSync helps expose blind spots and roadblocks to execution, this project is also a powerful antidote to 'silo' thinking and cross-functional friction.

Synchronize execution using courageous conversation.