Our Approach

At Human Synergy our experience is both deep and wide - with over 25 years experience both domestically and internationally, with hundreds of teams in almost every major industry, at every level on the organizational chart. We have the knowledge to support teams in complex, diverse, high velocity environments where there are no "silver bullets" or quick answers to multi-factorial challenges.

We have the resources and relationships to support almost any kind of innovation goal - whether it’s assessing innovation, developing the skills of innovation or creating an innovative strategy – we can help you overcome challenges and create opportunities that deliver cutting edge results.

Our work is defined by these fundamental tenets:

  • You have the answers.
    At Human Synergy, we believe an external entity cannot presume to know your company. Only the native players hold the critical knowledge about where your organization stands and where it needs to go. Through a finely tuned process called Strategic Dialogue, we help your team “confront the brutal facts” of your situation and then figure out how your organization can move forward, over hurdles, and beyond expectations.
  • What you resist persists.
    At Human Synergy, we believe in facing challenges head-on. Avoiding challenge is the path to apathy and inertia. It also takes you off course and wastes valuable corporate resources. Meeting challenges builds competence, and ultimately defines your competitive advantage.
  • Excellence requires iteration not perfection.
    Human Synergy approaches each challenge with a bias for action, aiming to eradicate the paralysis that comes from over-analysis. Our upgrade methodology practically employs the 80/20 Principle*, so that we stay focused on what matters most, without getting bogged down or sidetracked. Our collaborative process continually calibrates goals with the team's ability to execute.
  • Action learning drives engagement.
    Human Synergy specializes in action learning; using team engagement as the key mechanism for driving outcomes and competency development. Our approach combines creativity, teamwork and business discipline with a wide range of proprietary processes and supporting tools to ensure today's results build tomorrow's skills.

*80/20 Principle - 80 percent of results come from 20 percent of efforts. Vilfredo Pareto, 1906