Services Overview

At Human Synergy, we see at least three “distinct” developmental stages for teams. Each of the three stages is reflected by a unique curve. The curves build on each other, and are also discontinuous; meaning that successful behaviors on one curve can be detrimental or limiting on the next. What is required is the courage, foresight and leadership to ‘jump the curve’.

From a change management standpoint, this is significant because each curve (foundational, advanced and synergy) reflects a unique set of priorities, assumptions, processes, traditions and leadership approach, that defines how a team operates to achieve their results.

In order to jump the curve to the next level, teams must be willing to take risks and leave the familiar in order to benefit and operate at a more advanced level.

Our experience has demonstrated that teams without the tools and a clear and compelling picture of the new curve, fall into the quicksand of confusion – struggling to get their “regular” work done, while enacting the behaviors associated with the new curve.

At Human Synergy, we are passionate about teamwork – so consider picking up the phone and talking to us about the unique issues of your team. There is no charge for an initial consultation. 415-380-3828.