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Create a compelling Vision and Initiatives

Vision is a future focused compelling picture of the future that expresses the core purpose and inspires action. Vision answers where and why.

Vision represents your True North, the overarching “where we are going” and “why we exist” of your team and the articulation of the opportunity to be realized. It’s a compelling marriage of purpose and opportunity.

Initiatives are a translation of the vision into a high level implementation view; in aggregate they outline the essential elements of the vision. Initiatives answer how at the broadest level.


  • Are the sequenced and sustained themes that drive goals and aspirations.
  • Are multi-year focused and build opportunities for the team to strengthen advantages.
  • Create a rallying point for your team, propel careers, and lift your team into previously unchartered or unimagined territory.

Question: Is there a compelling picture of the future setting the direction for the team?