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Develop high ROI Goals

Goals are stepping stones to the initiatives; they focus and prioritize implementation via concrete deliverables and range from the specific (SMART goals) to the general (Big Rocks). Goals answer what and when.

SMART Goals:

  • Provide the team with a framework for managing and measuring progress and ensuring clarity of deliverables.
  • Define your focus, are a statement of a deliberate direction, and encourage accountability for results and performance. Our SMART acronym stands for Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Time-bound.
  • Will close the gap between your Present Position and your Vision of where you want to be: they chart visible waypoints that point to your team’s “True North”.

Goals tell a compelling story of what your team will accomplish, when, and with whom doing what.

Question: Is there rigor in how objectives are defined and measured?