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Collaborative Planning

At Human Synergy, our passion is planning. We focus on:

  • Identifying a company's competitive advantage
  • Converting growth initiatives into an operating plan
  • Facilitating an offsite with the Board, customers or vendors
  • Helping diverse stakeholders collaborate

Unlike traditional consultants, we don't specialize in outsourced strategic thinking. Rather, we collaborate with our clients to help them create sustainable solutions. Our approach largely eliminates the three most common complaints about planning consultants: They don't focus on execution, they do little to transfer knowledge and capabilities, and they are too expensive.

Our planning methodology creates engagement because it is easy to understand and apply, and it offers a common language that gets teams working fast. We understand the difference between delivering a plan and developing "prepared minds," and that the power of a plan comes from the experience creating it. As former President, Dwight Eisenhower said, "Plans are nothing, planning is everything".